Bradford Sacked Fitzpatrick

Sam Bradford has been a Ryan Fitzpatrick gift all off season but with one hissy fit, Bradford may have cost Ryan Fitzpatrick massive coin.   The Philadelphia Eagles raised the QB payday around the league when they signed Sam Bradford.  Bradford’s 22 million guaranteed, two year 17.5 mil/yr deal was a steep price to pay for a decidedly spectacularly average QB who gets hurt every time he gets too close to grass.  Coming off a career year, the New York Jets free agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had to be planning his new clothing line when he saw those numbers. Except the Jets laughed and dared him to find that contract from another dimwit.  It’s been a pissing contest ever since, with neither party having many options, although the Jets have more.  Fitzpatrick had one card left, the fact that the Denver Broncos were still kind of floating around looking for an upgrade over current QB, Mark Sanchez.  Fitzpatrick ignored all the hints Denver was sending, unanswered texts, the quick lookaway when eye contact was made, always “sleeping” when he called…but Fitzpatrick was determined to keep Denver alive as an option, determined to use the perception of Bradford’s inferior season as cause for bigger money…until today.

Sam Bradford decided to throw a tantrum when the Eagles, in a desperate attempt to prove they are smarter than everyone else, traded an obscene amount of picks to draft a meh quarterback prospect.  Even though the Eagles have stated that Sam Bradford is still their starting quarterback, Bradford is still upset they took his blanky away and demanded a trade.  Denver, in need of a quarterback, reportedly calls Philadelphia to inquire about his availability…..Hol’ up.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is readily available, off a great season…. and for less money… and without the need to trade assets aaaaaannnnnd Denver ignored his phone calls and called the Eagles for Bradford.  The entire notion that Fitzpatrick had about deserving anywhere near Bradford’s money was completely dismissed as fantasy the second the Broncos picked up the phone.  The Jets now know have definitive proof that the Broncos are not interested.  What reason does he give the Jets for his 17 mil? – “…I’ll be your best friend…”?

The Jets have Ryan between a rock and unemployment and it’s high time he realizes it and earns those dollars on the field.  Another solid season, he may get more than Bradford and with the high ground to stick it to the Jets. Until then….sack up.

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