Did The Walking Dead Writers Get it Dead Wrong?

I’m a big Walking Dead fan. I’m currently in the midst of watching the series from the beginning for a second time because I miss it.  The most recent season just ended with a cliffhanger that supposedly spells doom for a fan favorite (Glenn).  I put the possible spoiler in parentheses because it’s a secret and everyone knows parentheses keep secrets. However, I’m not 100% convinced it is indeed Glenn.  I don’t get why you would make this big deal out of a cliffhanger that kills off the very same character the entire internet knows you killed in the books.  However, the folks who played the show backwards or something and decoded the scream inflections have it all figured out. The showrunner Scott M. Gimple said,

“When we reveal who was on the receiving end there, that’s going to be the start of another story. The kickback effects from that — what it makes everyone into, how they react, how the world changes for everyone — that’s the next part of the story.”

Reading this, my completely uniformed, non slow motion watching opinion is, it was Maggie.  Maggie’s death would do all of that more than Glenn’s death would, it would change a fundamental dynamic of the group .

Glenn has always been the conscience of the group, a mantle he adopted from the original wise old sage, Dale, who died in season two.  Dale railed against the notion of sacrificing their good natures and humanity for heightening the chances of safety and survival.  The group often faced challenges where they had to choose between acting out of fear and doing “wrong” or taking a dangerous risk and doing the “right” thing.  Dale was always there to to stand up for maintaining morality.  When Dale died, it was Glenn who often stepped up to the plate to keep the group on a straight-ish path, so they didn’t become the bad guys.  He has failed.

The group lives only to to say they are alive.  There to see their friends and families die one by one, when faced with the new normal of dead and live assholes.  This was all foreshadowed in season one. It ended with Dr. Edwin Jenner of the CDC, asking them what they were living for.  There was no hope for a cure, conditions would get worse and worse, so what was the end game?  The group sunk deeper and deeper into the gray area between right and wrong.  Their leader, Rick, turning from a “man of conscience”, as Hershel put it, to the very thing he tried to snuff out when he killed Shane.  Rick is cold now, living only to protect “his family”, like a feral animal but Glenn…..Glenn was the group’s embodiment of hope.  He and Maggie believed in a future enough to plan a child, not like Shane and/or Rick who forgot people were around eating folks and neglected to, how shall I put this… umm…… withdraw from their undertaking

……………. of Lori.

Glenn is the heart of the group, one of their last links to who they were before.  Maggie and their unborn child, represents their hopes and dreams for a new world.  Kill Maggie, you kill that hope, you kill that heart…the group is cold, desperate and left with nothing but the will to kill or be killed.  Ironically, this is what put them in their current circumstances.  They could have left Negan’s group alone, maybe he would have found them…maybe not.  A dangerous chance to take, perhaps. Rick chose to snuff out the threat by killing the members while they slept in their beds because he was told, “they were the bad guys”.  Glenn reluctantly took part in this massacre. His wife Maggie, all too willing to contribute, was captured and later forced to make similar decisions…she didn’t hesitate.

We’ve watched the slow, unwilling decay of Glenn and Maggie’s morals, as survival and the facade of safety became more of a myth.  The death of Maggie would bring finality to this story arc.  It would turn Glenn heartless and vengeful, leaving the group no yin to Rick’s yang.  The group we knew would indeed be the walking dead and they’ll be missed.

….ooooooor the writers could just be lame and kill Glenn like everyone thinks, making this blog post so not worth it.

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  1. I wanted to first say that whomever is responsible for how the show ended should be fired. Everyone would be talking about how crazy that ending is and the anticipation for revenge would fuel their audience next season. Instead, the most likely outcome is that folks will figure out who died before the start of next season and next season will start with very little excitement.

    You have sound reasoning for your thoughts on Maggie, however the true outcome will come out via some leak or deductive reasoning around economics. For example, Norman Reedus (aka Daryl) has his own show. Typically, that spells doom for a character, but its within the same network so schedules should be in conflict. Soon definitely before the next season starts, we will be able to deduce who it is and the season opener will be a flat “I figured so”.

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