Tunsil-itus: Hacked chat from @TheRealASPN

Randall Savage:                   We got Eazy!!!!


Multiple Sources:             “He looks like a Cowboy”

‘Mid drift’ looks like a difference maker……Until Romo trips on his pussy  and gets hurt again


Randall Savage:                   All these baby mamas and girlfriends


Kirk Lazarus:                       Baltimore is going Tunsil


Multiple Sources:                Some Raven fans want crackhead Tunsil…..Tailor made for Baltimore


Kirk Lazarus:                         Ozzie in the war room asking if Ogden is still on the board


Skee:                                        GFY, Lazerus!


Kirk Lazarus:                         Stanley is the the double condom safe pick


 Kirk Lazarus:                        What is BMore so scared of?


Randall Savage:                   Stanley’s voice doesn’t match


Multiple Sources:                 Tunsil fucked his whole game up


Randall Savage:                   Tunsil is gotta fuck somebody up when he gets home


Kirk Lazarus:                        Tunsil is about to fall like hooker drawls


 Randall Savage:                  Tunsil is gonna fuck somebody up


Multiple Sources:                 Then get arrested for assault and fall to next year’s draft


Raúl Itanio:                            Tunsil needs to divorce his family


Randall Savage:                    Stay offff the weeeeeeD


Kirk Lazarus:                         The funny thing about Tunsil is he’s saying how account was hacked. Ok bruh, but it’s that you getting fried with a weed mask on tho? He ain’t dealing with that question


Randall Savage:                     Great pick for the Dolphins

Shout to Deion for making it right

“Stepdad” as in my momma’s dude

Ima see this kat at thanksgiving

There is no ex stepdad

So this dude is current


Kirk Lazarus:                          Momma on some bullshit


HPB :                                           Yea the mom needs to make a decision


Kirk Lazarus:                          Get rid of that dickhead moms


Randall Savage:                      Stayyyy offff the weeeeeeeD


Randall Savage:                      Miami came up


Randall Savage:                       That was manna from heaven


Kirk Lazarus:                            Like an episode of Ballers


Randall Savage:                       Haha


Rock engineered stunt


Raúl Itanio:                               That stepdad needs to go


This ain’t Baby Boy


Raúl Itanio:                              He ain’t Ving Rhames


Templeton Peck:                     Oh shit… There’s video

These fucking idiots…… Smh


Raúl Itanio:                             Video of what?


Templeton Peck:                     Of this fool Tunsil


Skee:                                            No…


 Randall Savage:                     Yep


Skee:                                            I have no doubt that his step pops is behind this shit


Templeton Peck:                    Damn shame


Kirk Lazarus:                           Honestly, Ole Miss should fire their AD and communications director.  Tunsil, Treadwell, and Nkemdiche were all considered tops at their positions at the  beginning of this draft process. All of them have fallen.

Skee:                                            Tunsil admits taking money


Multiple Sources:                  At the press conference??!?

Oh he’s a disaster

Never seen anything like this


 Randall Savage:                     Tunsil is burning everything on the way out

Waiting to exhale shit

He gonna admit anything tonight

Yes I stole Now-a-Laters as a kid

No I didn’t return that library book


Skee:                                           “Yeah I plagiarized that term paper. I ain’t cite a damn thing! And I used 2.5 spacing”


Kirk Lazarus:                         Apparently it’s a shit show around this guy


Raúl Itanio:                             Wtf?

How did these people have access to his accounts?

What was his password? “Tunsil1” ?


Raúl Itanio:                              If I’m Tunsil I’m cutting everybody off

Changing my phone number

You’d have to go through 3 people just to get to me

P.O. boxes


Kirk Lazarus:                          Moms gotta go til she gets rid of dude

This was a targeted effort to destroy this dude while he sat in the green room


Kirk Lazarus:                          Terrorist attack

That’s what this shit was designed like. Wait until he’s trapped in the green room and bombed on him


Raúl Itanio:                               Basically

How simplistic was his password? lol


Birthday backwards


Cost him millions


Kirk Lazarus:                         Lolololololol



Raúl Itanio:                           Hahahahaaa



Kirk Lazarus:                        Lmaooooooo


Raúl Itanio:                           He needs to cut everybody off

Have 2 white friends

Scorched earth

I would be so pissed


Randall Savage:                     Two legit white friends


Kirk Lazarus:                         And the same password across platforms. Twitter, fb, IG


Raúl Itanio:                            Fam wouldn’t see me for 2 years


Randall Savage:                    Not sketchy


Raúl Itanio:                           Yup


Randall Savage:                    And a cool Asian


Raúl Itanio:                           With real jobs



Randall Savage:                   Not Tokyo drift but Silicon Valley


Raúl Itanio:                           Social media with a fake name just to stalk

Vegas trips with your new crew


Randall Savage:                   Their thanksgiving be basic as shit


Raúl Itanio:                           They even check-in early, online


Kirk Lazarus:                        Tyron Smith did it the right way. Had his agent set up a firewall between him and his family before the draft


Randall Savage:                   “Is Tunsil coming?”


“Oh Golden Corral it is”


Raúl Itanio:                            I’m so serious

2 years at least


Kirk Lazarus:                        Couldn’t reach him without going through his agent cause Tyron knew his family wasn’t shit.


Raúl Itanio:                           Everybody gets punished

Let them turn on the rat

No bdays, no xmas, nothing

Dissappear like a ghost


Randall Savage:                  Mama gotta work


Raúl Itanio:                          Yup


Randall Savage:                 Get on the bus


Raúl Itanio:                          The rat fucked it up for everybody.


Randall Savage:                  Work two jobs

Kid on tv


Raúl Itanio:                          You let this man into our family?



Randall Savage:                 Tyron prob hit him up


Raúl Itanio:                         Mom gets the Kobe Bryant parent treatment


Randall Savage:                 I’ll show you how to do this son

Shook hook up the neighbor


Kirk Lazarus:                      It’s always fuck the Cowboys, but I respected the hell out of tyron for having that kind of foresight


Randall Savage:                 “Laremy bought us a tv”


Find out the dude mad cause he didn’t get an invite to Chicago


Kirk Lazarus:                       That would be so petty


Randall Savage:                  “So word?  I can’t go?…bet”


Kirk Lazarus:                       “Oh so it’s limited seating at the green room table? Ok, pleighboi. I see you.”


Kirk Lazarus:                        Newstory: “NFL: Dolphins OT Laremy Tunsil not at introductory news conference because he was being treated for an allergic reaction -via ESPN”


Kirk Lazarus:                         Bwahahahahahahahahaha


Templeton Peck:                   Allergic to foot in mouth


Kirk Lazarus:                         allergic to the Internet


Templeton Peck:                   Right allergic to cameras and mics


Kirk Lazarus:                         His agent is doing a piss poor job


RealLifeRon:                          Allergic to common sense


Multiple Sources:                   Shoulda told him they had weed there


Skee:                                             ….Dallas on the phone


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