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When discovering new programming, there’s nothing more frustrating than unearthing an awesome new show, sharing your thoughts with others, then 6 months later you find out not one of those people has watched it. This has happened to me last year with Catastrophe (available on Amazon Prime) and a year later after its second season. I’m convinced the show is one of the best, funniest, most clever shows across all platforms.

The creators and co-stars, Sharon Horgan (Sharon) and Rob Delaney (Rob), have created a narrative that makes the comedy especially relatable to the mid to late 30’s “just going through the motions” crowd, that I’m proudly a member of.  In a nutshell, the show deals with a couple who engages in some casual business trip sex and end up getting pregnant. They don’t know each other very well.  Rob lives in the US., Sharon lives in the UK. He’s got Sharon listed in his phone as “Sharon – London Sex”.  Decision seems easy, right? WRONG. The show goes in completely the opposite direction. THEY’RE HAVING THIS DAMN BABY!  Sharon and Rob are still “hoe-ing” their way through the point in life when society tells them they should be settling down, so their transition into parenthood is all parts clumsy and hysterical.

The other characters never seem to have the right advice to give Sharon and Rob either. Chris is by far my favorite character. He’s married. He’s bored. He’s sexually nonplussed. He wants to see the world burn. His guidance always comes in the way of somehow telling Rob to stop trying to fight the inevitable sadness because life will always slap the good time out of your mouth. Chris is married to Fran. Fran is neurotic and in desperate search of a good rogering from anyone willing to give her 15 minutes of their time. She’s Sharon’s best friend, intent on painting a picture of her perfect marriage while things fall apart around her.  Dave is Rob’s forced friend because Dave is from the states as well. That’s literally the only thing they have in common. Dave is a drug-addled party animal determined to make London his personal playground. “Rob, cool that you’re having a baby, but this cocaine tho…”

Catastrophe is raunchy, belligerent, anti-condom use, a bit dark and hilarious. It’s one of those shows that you’d love to talk to your friends about, but they’re caught up in dragons, zombies and under-the-table hand jobs on network television. This show is the follow up to “Knocked Up”, only Seth Rogan got funnier and Katherine Heigl is a tad more heinous looking and actually funny to begin with. Get familiar.


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